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Three types of medical masks wearing explanation

Three types of medical masks wearing explanation

Affected by the new coronavirus in 2020, almost all people in my country wear masks. According to different groups of people, experts in different places recommend that people wear medical surgical masks in public places or workplaces, and disposable medical masks in places with low population density.

Medical mask manufacturers explain three types of masks, namely medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks and medical protective masks with relatively high protection levels. It is worn by medical staff in special areas such as monitoring and fever clinics. Generally, it is recommended to be replaced within 4 hours. If there is pollution, it will be discarded for use.

Medical surgical masks are worn by medical staff to prevent blood and body fluids from splashing during invasive operations, and their outer surfaces are required to prevent blood and epidemics; then disposable masks are used in ordinary diagnosis and treatment environments. .

When ordinary people wear masks, it is recommended to perform some daily drying to extend the use time according to their own use time and use scenarios, so as to avoid excessive use and protection, and avoid white pollution.

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Post time: Sep-23-2022